“Oyster mushrooms” are the common name of one member of the Pleurotus genus—more loosely, all members of the genus can be called oyster mushrooms. All of them are edible, most have a mild, perhaps faintly fish-like taste and a tender smooth texture (quite unlike that of shellfish). Both taste and texture vary slightly with species. Some are considered better than others, though the flavor is generally still a variation on the same theme.

Storage: Best stored in a sealed but breathable container (paper bag ideal). Oyster Mushrooms (with exception of pink Oyster) and Lions Mane can be stored at least 2 weeks in refrigerator.

Other mushrooms are best eaten within the first week of harvest date.

Basic cooking recipe: Bring pan to medium hot heat. Add butter, garlic and mushrooms. Let both sides fry until golden brown with minimal stirring. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

Tree Oyster Mushroom Kit