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Tomato Candyland Red is the first current type tomato to win an AAS award. This hybrid indeterminate plant produces a very high yield of 100+ tiny, (1/2") red, super sweet, 1/4oz fruit with concentrated flavour. It ripens earlier and has a tidier habit than other currant-type plants with the fruit tending to form on the outside of the plant making them easier to harvest.


Tomato (Cherry) Candyland Red

  • Type: Indeterminate

    Days to Maturity: 55

    Transplant outdoors after ALL danger of frost has passed.

    Spacing: Plant in rows, spacing plants 24" apart 

    Exposure: Full sun; with good air circulation

    Fertilize: Feed regularly throughout the growing season with a well balanced fertilizer (one specifically formulated for tomatoes is best); avoid excessive nitrogen 

    Water: Provide even moisture; Excessive watering can increase fruit size but decrease flavour; Uneven/deficient watering can lead to calcium deficiency causing blossom end rot (a brownish-black, sunken dead area that forms on the bottom of the fruit, rendering it unedible).