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the botanical name for a lovely tropical vine known as the rex begonia vine or the tapestry vine.The heart-shaped leaves are the highlight of this plant. The pointed leaves are typically about 3” – 6” inches long and feature a velvety olive-green texture.The veins are silvery-white, providing a sharp contrast against the green leaves.The leaves have burgundy undersides along with the stems and leaf stalks.When the leaves first appear, the tops and bottoms may appear completely red or even purplish.As they mature, the tops begin to turn green while the stems may start to become tan.

Tapestry Vine Plant

  • Light: The begonia vine needs bright indirect light and warmth.

    Water: Water the plant regularly during the active growth period of the spring and summer.Don’t allow the soil to dry out completely

    Mature Size: Discolor is a climbing plant reaching heights or lengths of up to 6’ – 8’ feet.