Above and Beyond Vista Supertunia Combo (Lamppost not included)

This combo is available in either a 12" Hanging Basket, 16" Weekender Self Watering Basket or 22" Planter

Just like the name of the combo, this mix truely is "Above and Beyond". Supertunias Vista Bubblegum, Vista Silverberry and Vista Fushia make up this combo.

For the past 3 summers we have planted a combination of Vista Supertunias at the end of our driveway.  These are the most amazing petunias for vigour, hardiness and longevity.  They bloom continuously until the frosts in October.

This combo is very vigorous spreading 4-6'.  It must be planted in a large container and is a heavy feeder needing fertilizer with every watering.  


Above and Beyond Supertunia Vista Combo

  • Your hanging baskets are watered every watering with a constant

    feed fertilizer solution.  When you come to pick them up it is important to continue to feed the plants every watering with all purpose Miracle Gro or Natures Source 10-4-3 liquid fertilizer, both available at the greenhouses.


  • We have all seen that weather in May can be unpredictable with beautiful warm sunny days, but the nights are still cold and risk of frost is still high.  The benefit of all custom ordered baskets and planters is that they get to stay here at the greenhouse until its done freezing, we will look after them for you.  No need to move them in and out avoiding the frosts.  That is the privelege of pre-ordering.  


    Your baskets and planters will be available for pick up May 22- June 1.

    Customers that cannot pick up by June 1, please let us know and for an additional holding fee of $5/pot/day we can hold them until the end of June.

    Thank you for your consideration, we are looking forward to growing your special order for 2018 and look forward to seeing you in the Spring.


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