As they mature, the plants send out long, thin runners that end in clusters of rounded leaves. When grown indoors and allowed to hang over a sill or edge, they form a very interesting display of hairy, red-hued leaves.

Strawberry Begonia

  • Sunlight: Strawberry begonia plants prefer bright—but not direct sunlight

    Water:  Water your plant once the top two or three inches of the soil have dried out, and saturate the plant until water runs from the drainage holes in the base. During winter, reduce your watering cadence, but don't let your plant dry out completely. do not get water on the leaves.

    Mature size: 6–18 in. tall, 12–24 in. wide

    Soil: Strawberry begonia plants prefer to be housed in lightweight, fast-draining potting soil. It should be moist, but not stay waterlogged.