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Shoo Fly is a moderately attractive plant with light blue or lavender flowers from June or July to September or October. The leaves are dark green with a deeply toothed margin. The musky odor of the flower is said to repel flies and sometimes other insects, hence the name shoofly plant. The juices from the foliage and roots of this plant can also be mixed with milk in a dish, which when set out can attract flies. When the flies feed from this concoction, they die. This is the source of the common name, 'Shoofly Plant.'

Shoo Fly Plant - Nicandra (Keep Flys Away)

  • Habit: Upright

    Height: 24 - 36"

    Width: 24 - 30"

    Water: Moderate

    Light: Full to part sun

    Special Attributes:

    Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

    Deer resistent