Santa Cruz Sunset is an exciting choice for any climate, especially hot, long-summer areas that have stressed other Begonias. With blooms from spring until frost, it's ready to dazzle in baskets and planters! 

The flowers are a rich shade of orange-red and borne by the many, many dozen on this lush, mounding trailer. They open 2 to 3 inches wide, extending fully 5 inches wide at their apex, then dropping to the ground, only to be replaced by more. The bloom season begins in late spring in most areas and continues throughout summer and fall, halting only when the plant is nipped back by frost.

Santa Cruz Sunset Trailing Begonia

  • Garden Height:  12 - 16 Inches

    Spacing: 12 - 16 Inches

    Spread:  12 - 16 Inches

    Habit: Trailing