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The Rieger Karen Begonia has lots of showy blooms with shades of yellow and pink. It has a medium vigour and requires partial shade. great for in a hanging basket or patio container. 

Rieger Karen Begonia

    • Light: Bright, indirect light year-round. 
    • Water: Let the top 1/2" dry between waterings. After blooming, let the plant almost dry out and cut back all the foliage.
    • Temperature: Average to warm (and humid). They can go as low as 60 F at night 
    • Soil: Airy, light, fast-draining soil.
    • Fertilizer: Use liquid fertilizer weekly at quarter strength or biweekly at half strength. In the fall, switch to a high-phosphorous fertilizer to encourage bigger blooms.
    • Height:6-8"

      Sun Exposure:Sun to Partial Shade