Rescue Crabapple

Mature Size: 10-15’ tall by 10-15’wide
Size at Pick Up: 6’Tall (Will fit in an SUV or truck)
Exposure: Full sun 
Fruit Size: 5-8cm
Fruit Color: Red over pale yellow
Zone: 3

Small, dull red crabapple with yellow background. Sweet, firm yellowish white colored flesh. Excellent for fresh eating and canning. Ripens in early August. Extreme hardy plant. Does not store well. A 1936 introduction from the Experimental Farm in Scott, Saskatchewan.

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Rescue Crabapple

  • When making your purchase we will make sure you go home with a 

    healthy tree or shrub.  It is your responsibility to care for it properly.  

    Plant in a location with excellent air circulation and shelter from north winds.  Provide medium moist soil.  Good drainage is a must.  Apple tree will not tolerate standing water.  Applicatin of a tree and shrub fertilizer (Miracle Gro) at transplanting will encourage a strong and healthy root system.  Apple tree require a pollinator, so it is recommemded to plant a minimum of 2 or more varieties.  Ornamental apple trees can be used a a pollinator.  

    We are available to answer any questions you might have.  The greenhouse can be reached at 306-248-3173.  You can also call or text David 306-248-7369. 

    We do not offer any warranty of any kind on our trees and shrubs.