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The 'King of all Giant Pumpkins'! Atlantic Giant continues to record stupendous weights in Pumpkin Weigh-Offs across the U.S. and Canada. The world record to date is an amazing 2,624 lb pumpkin grown in Belgium in 2017. 

Pumpkin Giant Atlantic

  • Full sun. Moderate feeders; prefer a rich loamy soil of good fertility and moisture retention.

    If the growing area is exposed to wind, install a low fence around the pumpkin plant to prevent leaf damage and desiccation. You need the leaves to remain large and supple to provide maximum photosynthetic energy.

    Pick off all flower buds until the pumpkin vine is about 10 feet long. This allows the plants to grow more and larger leaves, which will then support rapid growth of a single pumpkin.

    After the vine’s 10 feet long, allow several flowers to develop into pumpkins, but remove all but the largest fruit after several weeks of growth.