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Best early beefsteak. Primo Red has large, firm, deep, 8.5oz red fruit with smooth, mild flavour. This determinate hybrid grows on a compact open plant and will supply you with numerous uniformly sized tomatoes that make for an easy harvest. Resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium wilt and Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

Tomato Primo Red

  • Type: Determinate

    Days to Maturity: 65

    Transplant outdoors after ALL danger of frost has passed.

    Spacing: Plant in rows, spacing plants 24" apart 

    Exposure: Full sun; with good air circulation

    Fertilize: Feed regularly throughout the growing season with a well balanced fertilizer (one specifically formulated for tomatoes is best); avoid excessive nitrogen 

    Water: Provide even moisture; Excessive watering can increase fruit size but decrease flavour; Uneven/deficient watering can lead to calcium deficiency causing blossom end rot (a brownish-black, sunken dead area that forms on the bottom of the fruit, rendering it unedible).