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Lobelia Laguna Dark Blue features masses of small, sky blue, fan-shaped flowers with a mounding, cascading habit with narrow, linear leaves. Best in hanging baskets and windowboxes.  If there is an extended time period with high night temperatures the plants may flush out of bloom, however, the plants themselves should continue to look good. If the plants do go out of flower using a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears to give the plants a "haircut" - a slight overall trim - should encourage additional branching. Additional branching will result in increased flower power once the plants begin blooming again after night temperatures fall.

Lobelia Laguna Dark Blue

  • Height:  6 - 12" 

    Trails Up To:  24" 

    Spread: 12 - 24" 

    Habit: Mounded/semi-trailing 

    Light: Sun to part sun

    Water: Heavy