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Lime mint is a citrus variety grown for its fragrant leaves. Growing up to 16” tall the Lime mint plant produces rounded green leaves that are oftentimes brushed with a burgundy to bronze blush. Like many varieties of mint, Lime mint is often used for pest control in gardens due to its ability to attract beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees and detract harmful insects such as aphids, fleas and ants.

Lime mint can be used fresh or dried for both savory and sweet applications. It can be muddled and used to add a citrusy tang to cocktails, tea and dressings. Use when preparing sauces or rubs for seafood preparations. Chopped leaves work well in both fruit and green salads. Pair with other aromatic herbs in herb based sauces such as pesto or mint chutney. Add whole leaves to ice cubes, popsicles and sorbets.

Lime Mint