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SunPatiens Vigorous Pink Kiss Plants feature large blooms in a dreamy, romantic pink shade with a generous vigorous habit. SunPatiens are resistant to Powdery Mildew, grow in sun or shade, are heat and humidity-loving, tolerate extreme weather, are low-maintenance plants that self-clean and offer continuous blooms from spring through frost. Wow, what's not to love! The Vigorous series is ideal for adding fast growing color to landscapes and large patio containers.

Impatiens SunPatiens Vigorous Pink Kiss


    Habit: Spreading

    Characteristics: Shade Tolerant

    Water: Heavy

    Fertilize: Every two weeks

    Height: 18 - 36"

    Width: 22 - 36"

    Exposure: Shade, Sun - plant in full sun to full shade – this plant thrives everywhere!