Goodland Apple
Mature Size: 10-15' tall by 10-15' wide
Size at Pick Up: 6' Tall (Will fit in an SUV or truck)
Exposure: Full sun 
Fruit Size: 6 - 8cm
Fruit Color: Green with Red Blush
Zone: 3
Medium sized washed red over creamy green fruit. Flesh is crisp, juicy, tender and aromatic. Good for cooking and eating fresh. Tree is very productive annually. Ripens mid September and store well.
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Goodland Apple Tree

  • When making your purchase we will make sure you go home with a 

    healthy tree or shrub.  It is your responsibility to care for it properly.  

    Plant in a location with excellent air circulation and shelter from north winds.  Provide medium moist soil.  Good drainage is a must.  Apple tree will not tolerate standing water.  Applicatin of a tree and shrub fertilizer (Miracle Gro) at transplanting will encourage a strong and healthy root system.  Apple tree require a pollinator, so it is recommemded to plant a minimum of 2 or more varieties.  Ornamental apple trees can be used a a pollinator.  

    We are available to answer any questions you might have.  The greenhouse can be reached at 306-248-3173.  You can also call or text David 306-248-7369. 

    We do not offer any warranty of any kind on our trees and shrubs.