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Sage is an herb from an evergreen shrub.  Its long, grayish-green leaves take on a velvety, cotton-like texture when rubbed. Sage has a fragrant aroma and an astringent but warm flavor.Part of the mint family, sage grows into a bushy plant up to two-feet tall and two-feet wide. It has purple, white, or pink flowers and oblong, gray-green leaves that are covered with a fine fuzz. The leaves have a savory, earthy flavor that is especially popular for use with meat and poultry dishes.

Garden Sage

  • Garden Height:  24 - 30 Inches

     Spacing:  10 - 14 Inches

     Spread:  24 - 30 Inches

    Habit: Upright

    Light Requirement:  Part Sun to Sun

    Water Category:  Average