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The fishbone cactus grows long, flat, succulent stems resembling fishbones. the fishbone cactus grows first upright and then as it grows in length it will begin to hang over the pot.It’s structural presence makes it a versatile choice for hanging in a planter, or adding personality to a plant shelf.

Fishbone Cactus

  • Light: Put your fishbone cactus in bright, indirect light. It’s fine if it gets some direct sunshine, but keep it to a minimum

    Water Requirments: fishbone cactus likes a bit more water than the average cactus. Make sure it gets enough water, especially during the growing season (spring and summer). Check if the top of the soil has dried out, then water.

    Size: the fishbone cactus can reach up to 3' long. 

    Special Notes: 

    Use lukewarm water so you don’t shock your plants’ roots with a cold shower

    Keep the soil slightly moist and fertilize with a succulent fertilizer about once a month during the growing period

    the ideal temperature for the fishbone cactus is between 16-25 degrees celcius

    In winter let the soil dry out some more before watering and don’t fertilize.