These frilly, petal-packed burgundy blooms are one of the best sources of lush color for the garden or container! Double Cascade Burgundy boasts flowers a full 4 inches across, fully double, and elaborately ruffled, so that they resemble Carnations more than Petunias! These blooms erupt all over vigorous 15- to 18-inch plants, creating a long, colorful show. If you like Burgundy, please take a look at the other colors in this wonderful series. There's brand-new Blue, bright Pink, pastel Soft Pink, and white-splashed Orchid Mist. Or simply give in to temptation and get the ultra-colorful mix of all 5 colors! This Petunia is so popular that we've even got a collection that gives you one packet of each color for less money than you'd spend on 5 separate packets!

Double Cascade Burgundy Petunia (6 pack)

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