Carnation-like rich deep blue blooms are full of ruffled petals. This Petunia is so popular, that it is hard to keein stock. Extra large flowers 3-4" flowers across on well branched 10-15"tall plant, makeing this an excellent choice for baskets, tubs and containers. If you're new to the Double Cascade series of Grandiflora Petunias, let memention why these plants are winning gardeners' hearts every day. Unlike older double-flowered Petunias, which tended to offer a few blooms (after considerable coaxing), the Double Cascades are just as floriferous as their single-flowered cousins, and the blooms are HUGE. They're frilly, petal-packed, 4 inches wide, fully double (which means that they have twice the petal count of single-flowered blooms), and elaborately ruffled, so that they resemble Carnations more than Petunias

Double Cascade Blue Petunia (6 pack)

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