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Tiny green striped fruit with a delicious and unique flavour. Cucamelons are productive and have great disease resistance. Perfect for snacking, pickling or adding to salads. Also referred to as “Mexican sour gherkin,” or its most common name in Spanish, “sandiita” (little watermelon). This cute fruit is the size of a large grape, looks like a mini-watermelon and taste like cucumbers and lime. Just because cucamelons are small doesn’t mean their nutritional value is low. In fact, they’re said to be on their way to becoming the next trendy super food, abundant in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and fiber, while also being low in calories. They need at least six hours of direct sunlight are required on a daily basis to keep your plants healthy and productive. The more sunlight, the better off they’ll be.


Two size options available, 4.5" pots and planter with trellis