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Bred by undergraduate students at the University of Saskatchewan, the Under the Sea collection offers an eye-catching assortment of foliage shapes and colors that are perfect for mixed combinations or landscape applications

Coleus Under The Sea Barracuda

  • Habit: Mounding

    Height: 12 - 16"

    Temperature: Do not plant outdoors until temperatures are reliably above 60 degrees at night. Optimal temperature range for coleus is 70°F to 100°F.
    Hardiness: Coleus will not survive a frost.
    Exposure: Part sun or high shade for best color. Some coleus tolerate full sun.
    Water: Keep evenly moist. Avoid soggy soil with good drainage. Do not allow to get completely dry.
    Fertilizer: Fertilize regularly at half-strength or use timed-release fertilizer.
    Soil: Use high-quality potting soil or plant in garden soil rich in organic matter.
    Blooms: Flower spikes in shades of purple and blue. Keep flower buds pinched since unchecked blooming will cause the plant to go into decline.
    Spacing: 8"-15" in garden beds, pots and baskets can be planted more densely.