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FlameThrower Chili Pepper Coleus' attractive serrated pointy leaves remain lime green in colour with showy dark red variegation throughout the yearr. The stunning colors and patterns thrive in full sun and shade. 

This is a relatively low maintenance plant. Deer don't particularly care for this plant and will usually leave it alone in favor of tastier treats. It has no significant negative characteristics.

FlameThrower Spiced Curry Coleus is recommended for the following landscape applications.  Mass Planting,Borders, General Garden Use, Container Planting, and Hanging Baskets

Coleus Flamethrower Chili Pepper

  • Plant Habit: Upright

    Characteristics: Shade Tolerant

    Water: Heavy

    Fertilize: Once a month

    Spacing: 16 - 18" (41 - 46cm)

    Height: 12 - 18" (30 - 46cm)

    Width: 16 - 18" (41 - 46cm)

    Exposure: Shade, Sun

    General Information: Great accent plant in mixed containers.