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'Pink Panther' is a super cute and incredibly rare miniature houseplant! Defined by its pink and green variegated leaves this plant makes for an awesome addition to any plant collection. Stun any visitors by placing it in a hanging basket or a pot by a window.

Callisia Pink Panther

  • Light Requirments: Bright, indirect light is ideal. If the light is too dim it'll lose its pretty colouring

    Water: Water when the top few inches dry out, don't let the soil get too dry or too wet. Water the soil directly, not the plant to avoid plant rot.

    The Pink Panther prefers moist soil so water regularly but lightly. Position in bright indirect sunlight. The more sunlight your plant receives the pinker the foliage will be. Pinch the growing tips to encourage a compact and fuller growth.

    Length: the pink panther plant can reach a length of up to 2' long.