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Brugmansia Variegated Apricot (Angel's Trumpet) is a vigorous tropical shrub or small tree laden with exceptionally large, pendulous, trumpet-shaped, apricot, intensely fragrant flowers, 15 in. long (37 cm) with variegated leaves.  Blooming from midsummer to fall, they hang straight down from the branches and literally cover the plant.

There's nothing quite like a brugmansia in full bloom. This show-stopper has 6" to 10" blooms that dangle from sturdy branches. In one season, these shrubby, subtropical plants can easily reach 6 feet tall.


This plant is toxic and exposure can be extremely dangerous and fatal. All parts of the plant are toxic and poisoning can occur from ingestion and even touching the plant. Gloves should be worn for everyday care of the angel's trumpet. Take caution if you have children or animals and seek medical attention immediately if you suspect exposure or poisoning. Caution is required because this plant is extremely toxic. Every part of the plant is very poisonous from the leaves, flowers, and seeds, to the roots

Brugmansia Variegated Apricot (Angels Trumpet)

  • Brugmansia are heavy feeders and require quite a bit of water. Good Brugmansia plant care will result in a small tree decorated with dangling trumpet-shaped flowers. Caring for Brugmansia outdoors requires warm temperatures and a sunny location with protection from the midday sun.