Alternanthera Choco Chili has stunning foliage all year round.  It is nearly black-purple on top and a bright ruby on the bottom giving a multi dimensional look.  It is naturally compact but its vigorous and spreading habit means it combines well with almost anything for combination containers and baskets or filling a landscape bed.  This tough heat and humidity tolerant plant is easy-to-grow and maintain grabbing the spot light in your garden areas all summer long where other plants wither away. This mid size grower spreads a wide 15"-30" filling in an area quickly.  While this plant will perform anywhere from part sun to sun but the colors are best in sunnier locations. 



Alternanthera Choco Chill

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  • Sun Exposure: Part Sun To Sun

    Height: 8"-12"Spread: 15"-30"

    Habit: Mounding/Spreading

    Filler: Containers & Landscape Beds