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Aeonium Haworthii also commonly known as ‘Pinwheel’. As the plant mature expect it to reach up to 60 (24″) tall and 10 cm (4″) in diameter. The plants main feature is the beautiful green leaves with pink edges. When the plant produces flowers expect white flowers.A wonderful addition to any rockery, paving or gravel bed and can make a superb container plants. this succulent likes to be watered from the bottom. do not water the leaves of the succulent as they will rot.

Aeonium Haworthii Bicolour

  • Soil: dry, free draining soil or dry multch 

    Light Requirement:  full sun

    Water Category:  Water when leaves begin to wrinkle and look dehyraited. About once every 14-28 days. Reduced watering frequancy in winter

    Habit: clump forming