Vigorous spreading perennial with oval toothed leaves. Dark green foliage has neat white variegation on leaf edges. Tiny white clusters of flowers in summer but are not very showy. Cut back in summer to promote vigorous new foliage growth. A great groundcover.Plant in cool, moist soil. Feed in spring with an all purpose fertilizer before new growth begins. Divide as needed in fall to maintain plant vigor. Can be invasive, so plant in an area where spreading is desired

Hardy to Zone 3

Aegopodium Variegatum

  • Water Needs: Moderate

    Landscape Uses: Border, Mass Planting

    Light Needs: Partial Sun/Shade

    Plant Types: Perennials

    Height: 12"

    Spread: 24-36"

    Special Features: Deer Resistant,Rabbit Resistant

    Growth Habits: Ground Cover,Round

    Cold Hardiness: Zone 3